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Revi + Natasha's Punjabi Wedding Rituals in Edmonton

Updated: Apr 19, 2020

With the many colorful traditions in the Punjabi culture, we were able to capture the

pre-wedding celebrations of Revi and Natasha.



Mehndi Ceremony Photography

The five-day celebration started off at Natasha's place. They had a professional henna artist designing intricate and beautiful creations for Natasha and the ladies:


woman in green dress leaning over showing henna design on the backside of her hands and henna design on feet

I spy with my little eye...a rabbit!!!

close up of open palms with henna design and lily in the middle

close up henna design of two pairs of hands inside palms and back hand

circle of aunties in sarees dancing and clapping hands at mehndi ceremony

women posing in saree posing showing their henna designs on hands with sparkly pink and orange curtains in the background

Yaaaay!!! Invisible mehndi!!!

bride showing her henna designs on the arms and hands sitting with mom and dad at Mehndi ceremony

Awwwwwwwwwwww...proud parents!!!

close up holding out both hands with henna design from arms to hands in front of an outdoor fire


The Sangeet

Revi and Natasha changed things up with a formal engagement called the Sagai Ceremony before the Sangeet. The Sangeet is traditionally an "all ladies night"...of dancing and singing!!! Let's get started.

Gold couples chair in front of a purple gold and orange drapes with real rose trim

Seat of honour...what a pretty couch!!!

man in gray suit feeding groom in gold vest with gold curtains in the background yummy!!!

black and white photo of a bride walking through the front doors smiling in her saree

Breathtaking entrance by the beautiful bride to be.

bride in pink saree being escorted to her chair by 2 girls holding trays of jewelry on each side of the bride

leg shot of Gold khussa and pink floral saree

mother in blue saree putting on red chunni onto the bride

mother in blue saree putting on bracelets and bangles on sitting bride in red chunni

mother in blue saree touching smiling grooms face while other women laugh at him

OMG... Thanks, Mom...

groom in gold vest on one knee proposing to girlfriend pink dress sitting on chair

Maybe???... OF COURSE!!!

close up of engagement ring

mom in red and yellow saree smiling

women in colourful sarees dancing together with their hands up

Look at this Jago on my head!!!

Higher Higher!!!

a father in dark grey suit and blue shirt holding his son on his shoulders with their arms raised in celebration around a crowd of dancers

I can almost reach the chandelier!!!

mom in blue saree embracing an auntie in rose gold saree

boy in gold and red suit pretending to ride a bicycle carriage with two other kids

groom in gold with big smile dancing in a crowd hands held high with father in blue shirt

Father dancing in the middle of a dance circle with auntie in green saree dancing with a hand in the air

Break it down!!!

Bride in pink saree dancing in the middle of a crowd with hands raised

Raising the roof!

Bride and groom dancing together in a circle

Bride and groom hugging in the middle of the dance floor


Natasha’s Maiyan + Choora Ceremony

One day away from the wedding! The Maiyan ceremony was hosted at the respective families' houses where their bodies were "cleansed and balanced" in preparation to be married by rubbing turmeric mixture on the exposed parts of their body.

bride to be in red saree sitting with mom and dad for a family portrait

She's glowing!

Hello Kitty rangoli or design made of colourful powder, flour and rice placed on floor

Close up of two gold wedding bands encrusted with diamonds on rose gold carpet

bridesmaid in yellow saree walking down brown spiral staircase decorated with pink bows and large white silver spotted ribbon

rangoli and chair setup for choora ceremony

women sitting around the bride at maiyan ceremony with hello kitty rangoli on the floor

two aunties rubbing turmeric paste on bride's arm wearing red sleeveless saree

grandma in rose gold sari looking down and rubbing bride in red sleeveless saree with turmeric paste

bride in red sari holding up hello kitty rangoli with auntie in orange sari kneeling down beside her

women in a circle clapping and dancing around a woman with her hands in the air in blue sari

auntie setting up red and gold bangles or chooriyan on a stool in front of brides chair

woman in orange sari and man in dark grey shirt putting red bangles or chooriyan onto a smiling bride sitting in chair

close up of uncles hands putting red and gold bangles on brides arm with henna design

Close up of bride holding out her arms in front of her dangling gold decorations tied to her red bangles


Revi's Maiyan Ceremony

The Revi household was also preparing for the wedding with the same ceremony. Way to make the Edmonton Oilers a part of the tradition!

house with white tent in backyard with blue and orange curtains beside the house

portrait photo of groom in black sleeveless shirt and auntie in yellow sari

woman in striped shirt making Edmonton Oilers Rangoli on the cement floor

full set up for grooms Maiyan ceremony with royal blue curtains and peach trim with bouquet of flowers in the middle and edmonton oilers rangoli on the cement floor

two women holding red scarf above grooms head escorting him outside

portrait of grooms mother in pink sari holding tray of traditional treats for ceremony

close up of the tray of punjabi traditional maiyan ceremony treats

groom sitting on red stool in behind edmonton oilers rangoli with four women holding red scarf above his head white mother in pink sari puts on a silver bracelet for him

close up of mother in pink sari putting colourful bracelet onto grooms wrist

mother in pink sari rubbing turmeric paste onto the forehead of smiling and sitting groom

auntie in blue sari taking her turn to rub more paste onto sitting grooms hand with turmeric paste

father rubbing yellow turmeric paste onto groom's arm

Oooo... so much muscle!!!

two uncles rubbing turmeric paste onto a laughing groom

Everyone get in on this!!! Yaaaaaaay!!!

portrait photography of groom with turmeric on his face and red scarf laughing in the air

5 women in different coloured sari's smiling for a photo with sparkling blue background

Proud aunties!!!


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